"We are the change that we seek."

~ Barack Obama


Enter the world of my fun (and a teeny bit crazy) mind by checking out my books! Each book connects to me in some way–things I love like rock music (Rock On) or Tootsie Pops and crushing on guys in middle school (Click Here & Access Denied) to how awkward I sometimes felt (Fact of Life #31).

Manuscript Submission Video Series!

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Writing Classes

I teach classes both in-person in and around Denver as well as online classes, which I call “Courses In Your PJs” because you can register anytime and take them at your own pace (and in your PJs if you want  🙂 .)

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About Me Trailer

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Reader Rap Trailer

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FACT OF LIFE #31 Chapter Excerpt

FACT OF LIFE #31 Chapter Excerpt: Denise reads a chapter from the book.

FACT OF LIFE #31 Location Tour

FACT OF LIFE #31 Location Tour: High Line Canal Trail and Goodson Recreation Center,...