Book Clubs

Discussion questions for your book club (and me, if you want a club crasher)
Who’s your favorite character? Your least favorite? What can you relate to in the book? Book clubs are a great way to dive into a book and share your enthusiasm with others who’ve read it!

And I’m happy to crash your club party! I can come in at the end after you’ve discussed to answer questions or join in during your chat. I’m available both in-person (if you’re in the Denver area) or can do a virtual party crash if we aren’t close to each other.

Discussion Questions

Below you’ll find discussion questions for each book to get you started, but I bet you’ll come up with even better ones on your own.

Click Here

Click Here has been a popular choice for mother/daughter book clubs, with parents and their daughters discussing issues of trust, friendship, taking responsibility for your own actions, and other topics.

Fact of Life #31

Fact of Life #31 will help your book club start a dialogue on teen pregnancy, social boundaries and self esteem, in addition to highlighting some of the common areas of struggle between a mother and daughter.

Access Denied

Access Denied is also a good choice for mother/daughter books clubs, opening up discussions on grief, cigarette and alcohol use, as well as issues of trust, friendship, and taking responsibility for your own actions.

Rock On

Rock On is a popular choice for teen book clubs, with friends discussing the impacts of sibling relationships, the pros and cons of social networking, the effect social status can have on the choices we make, and other topics.

Need Books?

If you’d like books for your club, you can still get paperback copies of Rock On and Click Here from your favorite local or online bookstore. If you want hardcover copies of any book or paperback copies of Access Denied or Fact of Life #31, you may also order from me.  Just click the Contact Moderator button.


I’m happy to provide autographed bookmarks or bookplates for your club.


Discussion questions may be copied for book club and classroom use only. If you would like to use them in a context other than a book club or a classroom, please contact the moderator.