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Use the tools below to help you with your story planning and also, when you are ready to submit, with formatting your manuscript properly. I’ll be adding more tools as I come up with them so check back!

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Tools for Picture Book Writers

Planning Your Narrative Picture Book
Planning Your Non-Narrative Picture Book

Planning Your “Hybrid” Picture Book

Storyboard Layout Examples

Picture Book Storyboard Template

Picture Book Manuscript Formatting

Monster’s Publication Timeline

Tools for Middle Grade/Young Adult Novelists

Plotting Your Novel – 4 Points

Character Development Chart
Character Development Questions

Manuscript Formatting 

Are You a Plotter?

I used to believe planning out my novel would stifle my creativity so I never did it. And it takes me years to complete a book. That’s not the case for other writers. Some of them write and revise as they go and the end result is just what they want. I discover too much along the way and find any revision I did early on is often wasted. So…now I am in love with planning ahead and plotting. Some of you may know I’m a huge fan of Michael Hauge’s 6-point structure. Along with other resources, his structure helped me tremendously. If you want a wonderful overview, check out the video to the right!

Tools for Both

Manuscript Formatting

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