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First of all, congratulations on the publication of your book! It’s an exciting time for sure. And thank you for thinking of me as someone who might be right to blurb your book. I’m truly honored.

Due to the variety of requests I get off and on, my agent helped me develop a blurb policy that we feel will benefit both you and me.


Due to a number of commitments with my own projects and teaching, I am unable to accept any blurb requests at this time. I will, however, accept Tweet requests to share the love on social media so feel free to do that!


Denise's Blurb Policy

I will only blurb one or two books a year that are consistent with my brand as an author. I generally will not consider providing a blurb for books that are independently published unless they are truly in line with my brand.

If your book doesn’t fall within these parameters, don’t despair. I’m always happy to share in the joy and announce your book release on Twitter. If this is something you’d like, fill out the form below when your book is released (please don’t send it sooner unless you’d like a pre-release tweet) and I’ll shout it out!

If you feel your book fits these parameters, fill out the form below and I’ll let you know if I can blurb it.

Enjoy the ride—you deserve it!

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