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If you stopped on this page because you want to do a book report on one of my books, great. Or maybe you stumbled on it by accident and are trying desperately to go somewhere else. Either way, you totally rock!

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Book Clubs

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Bonus Stories

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Writing Your Own Story or Book?


I love to hear that readers are writing their own stories and books! And I wish I could read them all. But unfortunately, I can’t. I just don’t have time. But I would encourage you to find a trusted teacher or a writing class in your area so you can get some feedback on your book.



I do take on a few manuscripts each year as paid critiques, usually not taking on writers younger than 12. You can find out more about getting a critique from me on the Manuscript Critiques page.

Get answers to frequently-asked writing questions and post some of your own thoughts and questions with Writer’s Hangout.


School/Library Visits


I love that so many readers write and ask if I can come to their school or library! I would LOVE to!Talk to your teacher or library/media specialist and have them visit my Appearances page since the request will need to come from them. Some schools have had fundraisers to raise money to bring me out; I’ve included some suggestions on the Appearances page.


Reader Rap


Reader Rap TumbnailThis is where you, my readers and peeps, can ask questions and get answers about books and life–my books or someone else’s books, or stuff my characters go through that you’re going through with friends, family, crushes, school, etc. Check out current videos to see if your question has already been answered. If you don’t see it, send your question to and I’ll do my best to answer it in an upcoming video! My goal is a minimum of one video per month, but if I get my butt in gear and you send enough questions, I’ll make them more frequently – every other week or maybe even every week–whoa. Click on the thumbnail to subscribe to my Reader Rap Channel.


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