The picture in my featured image is one I took earlier this week on a run/jog on the High Line Canal Trail that runs through a few counties and has some awesome views, as you can see.

It feels like my days have been non-stop action so it was wonderful to take time on a beautiful sunny day—it reached 80 degrees that afternoon!—and just be.

When I started my warm up walk, I automatically put my earbuds in and started flipping through some of my running podcasts…

when I heard birds chirping. I paused. Tilted my head. And then I took out my earbuds and just listened–to the birds, to my shoes crunching the dirt and gravel of the trail, to the distant sound of cars. I rounded a bend and scared some geese in the grass along the path. They took flight for just a few yards before splashing down in the pond.

I was filled with wonder and awe and gratitude.

It wasn’t long before I was saying to myself:

  • I get to organize my closet – I’m grateful to have a closet in a beautiful house
  • I get to spend time sending tax documents to our accountant – I’m grateful we earn enough money that we owe taxes
  • I get to move my body on a nature trail – I’m grateful for my mobility, for the birds, the trees, the scent of pine, especially when I think of my mom now using a walker and a wheelchair, the ten or so steps to the bathroom taking her breath away, even as she sucks more air through the cannula.

I think I’ve mentioned this before but it bears repeating:

Just for fun, take something you “have to” or “should” do and replace those words with “get to.” Try it on and see how it fits.

I’m betting it fits a lot better and you feel better too  🙂 .