A Whole New Look and Approach

A Whole New Look and Approach

Hi! We are gearing up for the big website switchover so I am holding off writing any new posts until that happens. Just so you aren’t caught unaware, this is how things will roll once the new site is up and running: Blab-o-Denise will become more of a forum for...

Post prompt: writing the end of a scene

So yesterday I offered part of scene and challenged myself (and anyone else who’s willing) to write the end of the scene. Mine’s in bold after the text I provided yesterday: Jonathan sat in his room long after the sun had gone down, thinking about the bomb...

Post-prompt: Writing from a Photo

Yesterday I posted the picture below with the instruction:¬†Write two to three sentences that bring us into this scene, let us know what happened just before this image and feel free to use dialogue. Be creative! My Attempt “Hurry, Darla! The White Rabbit...
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