We are gearing up for the big website switchover so I am holding off writing any new posts until that happens. Just so you aren’t caught unaware, this is how things will roll once the new site is up and running:

Blab-o-Denise will become more of a forum for me to be a little more personal, rather than “tips and tricks” oriented; a place for us to get to know each other as people as well as writers.

For those of you who enjoy the Jumpstart Monday prompts, Writer’s Studio, First Page Friday, and the like…fear not! I will be setting up mailing lists for those so you can pick and choose what you’d like to receive. It will be through MailChimp and you will be able to easily add or remove yourself from one or more lists. All mailings will be staggered so you aren’t inundated with stuff from moi if you sign up for more than one list.

Right now I have the breakdown as follows:

  • General writing inspiration and tips (every 3-4 weeks)
  • Jumpstart Mondays (this will still be a weekly because I need it!)
  • Picture books (every 3-4 weeks)
  • Middle grade and YA novels (every 3-4 weeks)

But these are still subject to adjustment. And I’m delving into the world of chapter books so that may become a topic at some point!

I will have some downloadable goodies for those who sign up so that will be fun.

Thanks for your patience as we make this change…