Yesterday I posted the picture below with the instruction: Write two to three sentences that bring us into this scene, let us know what happened just before this image and feel free to use dialogue. Be creative!

My Attempt

“Hurry, Darla! The White Rabbit can’t be too far ahead of us.” Sarah tugged at the leash, wishing for once that her dog’s legs were just a little bit longer. Alice had told her about the White Rabbit on the playground that morning.

“He wears clothes and has a big watch, just like in the book!”

Sarah has always wanted to go to Wonderland. If she could get to those trees, she just might have the chance.

My Thoughts

This is an okay first attempt. Not brilliant writing, but we get the point. What I like about it is that it could go a number of different ways. Is Alice the Alice and is the White Rabbit “real?” Or is Alice teasing a gullible Sarah and there will be an audience waiting to laugh at her when she arrives at her destination? It could go either way and it could be fun to follow either path.