Denise Vega DancingToday: My First Official Blog

I’m sure all of two people will read this today (well, maybe more if most of my family and my critique group checks it out under duress), but it’s an exciting day for me to have moved my site to WordPress and to actually keep a blog, something I never thought I’d do because I didn’t think I had anything of value to say or the time to say it if I did. I still might not have anything of value to say (time will tell), but I’m glad to have given myself some general guidelines for each day – topics I will touch on – to help me actually write.

So according to my “schedule,” Thursday blogs are supposed to be about movies, TV, art, culture, and random stuff. But since I’m launching my new site, I’m talking about launching my new site, which I guess could fall under “random stuff.”

‘Toon Denise

That’s ‘toon Denise to the left or above, depending on your browser. She’s throughout the website and will crop up here and there, just for fun. The head is me when I was five years old and I drew all the bodies with my new Wacom Bamboo tablet, harking back to the days when I loved to draw as a kid. It’s been yet another way for me to expand my creativity beyond writing and to find some joy in the arts. Why would I need to do that? you might ask. Well, because I hit a wall with my last novel (which was the impetus for the first Writer’s Studio and will be the topic of another blog I’m sure) and needed something to get me out of my slump. I did some other writing, which helped, but doing something completely different (like drawing and also creating stop-motion animation for some of my book trailers), required a completely different set of creative tools and makes me happy.

Tomorrow: The Writer’s Studio: 5 Tips for Getting Your Writing Groove Back

If some of you are stuck or have taken a hiatus and are now ready to dip back in, you may find this helpful.

And Beyond

I’ll be talking about other writing stuff as well as things that are on my mind and in my heart, doing my best to keep it to 400 words or less each time.

I hope you’ll come along for the ride.