I attended the RMC-SCBWI summer retreat with author Randy Powell. I wanted to get back to the Click Here “unsequel” because I’d finished the revisions for Fact of Life #31 (FOL) and was ready to get back to it.

Randy suggested a “road map” technique–basically jotting a sentence or two for the scenes you want to include in the book. I realized later that this is what other authors I know have done and I decided to try it, rather than just “wing it,” like I usually do. It was great. I must have jotted down 20 scenes and can now organize them in terms of chronology, etc. I think finishing the first draft will go a lot faster now. I’ve written 100+ pages and that’s about halfway.

Our family also went camping before the 4th–saw moose, elk, bighorn sheep, deer and stayed in a campground where we had to bearproof our campsite every time we left for more than 10 minutes or went to sleep at night–all food in the car. It was a pain but better safe than mauled, I say.