I’ve missed posting the last two weeks because I’ve been deep into rewrites and revisions, immersed in the story and characters, in a  race to get it to my agent so she has time to read it and send comments before she goes on maternity leave. Nothing like a pending delivery to motivate me :-).

I had planned to have a video of my book event for CLICK HERE up the second Thursday, but alas it didn’t happen. It will be coming soon, though.

I still can’t believe it’s true. After 4+ years and several transformations, my novel, FADE AWAY, is in my agent’s hands for the second time. It has a new focus and a new title, which I’ll share after I see what she thinks about it all.

It’s a fascinating experience to grow along with a story, to find the changes you see in yourself reflected in your character in some ways or maybe vice versa. It’s also incredible how invested we can become in our stories. I felt drained emotionally after I finished and didn’t make the connection until the next day, realizing that I had basically gone through what my character had. Whew!

I did get in a mini happy dance, though; you know I’m all about celebrating every milestone.

Would love to hear how you feel and/or what you do after finishing a draft, revision or rewrite if you care to share.