NaNo Joy! I feel absolutely exhilarated for so many reasons. My biggest takeaways from this experience was completely obliterating a few beliefs I held about myself as a writer.


Belief #1: I’m a slow writer. Wrong! Totally false! I can write like the wind, especially with a little planning. Thank you, Tara Dairman, for echoing this back to me in September and also for providing some solid tools and inspiration to make it happen. With those and the tools I shared

Belief #2: I can’t make time to write every day. Wrong! The only day I didn’t write was Thanksgiving and that was only because I forgot! Even though we were hosting and there was a lot to do, I could have made time to write even fifty or a hundred words. I discovered that even writing for 10-15 minutes a day could keep my momentum going.

Belief #3: I can only write realistic contemporary fiction. Another false belief. I totally can. I did it. Yes, this NaNo draft needs a TON of work. But the story is all there. The tension, the preternatural elements, the antagonist–they are all there and I had a blast writing them.

I wrote every major plot point scene–some very skeletal such as “This happens and then this happens,” but it’s all there. Even two different endings. I’ll know later which one is the right one.

What a ride! Can’t wait to dive into shaping and revising this messy, beautiful novel.

Final NaNo word count: 62,054