If you’ve been with me awhile, you know how I love to mark and celebrate milestones in my writing life.

I see them as signs of progress–both in the project and myself as a writer.

And when there are milestones in my family life, it always gets me thinking.

Like this month.

On May 13 our oldest graduated from college and our youngest graduated from high school last Saturday. Then on Monday I attended my nephew’s “graduation” from kindergarten. Fresh off my own kids’ graduation, this kindergarten one nearly knocked me off my chair. How far gone were those days in the lives of my own kids! But how wonderful to mark and celebrate this transition for those young ones–it was priceless.

Last night I attended another nephew’s promotion ceremony from 8th grade and tomorrow I’ll attend my niece’s graduation from nursing school.



A milestone is a marker, a physical reminder that we have made progress on our journey. The milestones for these kids remind me that I, too have made progress on my journey as a parent and as a human being.

They are also doors to new opportunities and new experiences–for both our kids and us–if we approach them with eyes and hearts wide open.

Much of my work schedule will remain the same: I’ll still write, teach, critique, attend classes, help with family stuff, eat chocolate and avoid cheese. 😉

But without volleyball and other school events to attend, parts of my schedule will shift and hours will open up. And I want to be attentive and aware, choosing how I use that time as deliberately as I can. I don’t want to fill it up without really thinking it through, without looking at what I might want to change about my life and my routine.

If you have a milestone–personal or professional–how are you using it to re-vision your life or your writing?

Stay tuned for updates on how I choose to use that time–of if I’ve forgotten my pledge here.  🙂