Zach, Rayanne, Jesse in Boston (July 2012)It’s been almost four weeks since we moved our son, Zachary, out to California to start at USC, and it’s meant a lot of changes for everyone. Now, I was never one of those hovering, helicopter parents who was involved every step of the way. But Zach and I have a great relationship and share a love of film, TV and technology and I miss our conversations, his sense of humor, and how I could count on him and his friends to eat the leftovers. 🙂 (And I wish I could figure out why emoticons drop to the next line in my posts! It has something to do with the theme but haven’t figured it out yet.) I’m very grateful for texting, phone calls and Skype!

The Good-byes

It’s good-bye to a family of six (my mother-in-law lives with us), good-bye to talks with Zach about David Fincher’s latest movie or the latest uber violent video game (during which I roll my eyes and shake my head) or hearing about the game that has a rich, compelling storyline and engaging characters (in addition to the maiming, shooting, and general bloodletting – hee hee). I don’t play video games, but I like to watch others play them. I’m in awe of the fabulous graphics and realism in some of these games, in addition to being particularly interested in those with a multi-layered story and creative approaches to gaming.

With Zach out in CA and our youngest, Rayanne, now in high school with her older sister, Jesse, it’s also good-bye to carpooling after 15+ years (yahoo!), though I do miss the great kids in the different carpools over the years and will have to do some driving next year until Ray gets her license).

It’s also good-bye to ordering lunches online, forgetting to check the school newsletter and missing the smoothie order (again!), good-bye to elementary and middle school sports, productions, and special events.

The Hellos

This fall both girls play volleyball so they are at practice after school or at games (most of which I attend). This means I have about 10+ uninterrupted hours, unless I choose to interrupt them.

So it’s hello to more time that I seem to fill with ease with SCBWI work, writing and creative endeavors (including this blog), stuff around the house, and fitness and hopefully more time with friends and extended family. It’s hello to watching 2-3 hours of volleyball 1-3 times a week since Rayanne is on JV and Jesse is on varsity – love it!

It’s hello to possibilities, to new endeavors and new experiences.

And some old ones too, like concert-going! Tonight we hit Red Rocks for Train. They will rock the Rocks. Can’t wait!