Well, that book I wrote about on June 14, Fact of Life #31, is now in the hands of my agent, which means it will soon be in the hands of publishers…so the waiting begins.

But not really because I believe in always having a project to work on that I’m passionate about and am having fun with. (Yes, I ended that sentence in a preposition. Get over it.) But it’s important that I’m always working on something I’m excited about because waiting to hear if a manuscript was accepted or rejected is excruciating and can sometimes take awhile. I must have a project to maintain my sanity–and because I love to write and can’t not do it.

I attended a writing retreat a couple of weeks ago and did some scene mapping for the second half of the “unsequel” to my book, Click Here (To Find Out How I Survived Seventh Grade). I’m hoping to start working on the book again this weekend.

I’ve never been a big planner when I write a book. I usually jump in and flounder and then stall around chapter 5 or 6. But with the unsequel and my next book, I’m trying to jot down scenes I want to have in the book and get a sense of the chronology. It still leaves room for surprises but I think it will make my first draft go a little more quickly.

We shall see…