Last week I used the “gremlin” idea–or inner critic–from Create Your Writer’s Life by Cynthia Morris. This week I want to look at another idea she brings up–discovering your writing purpose and living it out.

I’ve always been a big believer in the fact that each of us has stories to tell that only we can tell. We have a unique set of experiences and perspectives that we bring to our stories and this has helped support and guide me in my writing.

But Cynthia couched it in these terms: “…discover your unique offering and…write it and…share it as you see fit.”

My unique offering. Wow. That has a different feel than just writing the stories only I can write.

What is our unique offering? How do we discover it?

Here are some questions I asked to get an answer:

  • What makes me different than other writers as a person?
  • What is different about my writing style?
  • What is important to me in my life? How is that showing up in my stories?

I’m sure there are a lot of other questions we can ask, but I felt these three got me on a solid path. I hope these questions help you discover your purpose, your unique offering.

If you have other questions, please share them!