Okay, so I have this pet peeve about the use of cups and cars in TV and movies.

Cuppa Somethin'Cuppa Somethin’, Please

Have you noticed that when a character is handling a paper/plastic/styrofoam cup–say of coffee–that often they carry it as if it’s empty–because it usually is! They wave it around while they’re talking and we, as the viewer, have no fear that it’s going to spill because we can tell there’s nothing inside by the way they handle it. Pour  a bit of H2O in there to give it some heft, peeps, so the illusion isn’t broken.


Car Trouble

Car TroubleSeriously, guys and gals? If I looked at the passenger in my car when I’m speaking for the length of time that some of these actors do, I’d have been in a major rear-ender accident. Bang! Smash! Crash! Don’t remind us that the car is not really moving by looking at the person in the passenger seat for more than one or two seconds. You’re killing me, peeps. And if you don’t believe me, sit in a chair and look to your right and count to five (Mississippi) while imagining you are driving in traffic. Would you ever look at someone for that length of time? Of course not!

Done with my rants. Laters.