I’m writing this in advance as I will be on the beaches of Cabo San Lucas when you read this today, December 24.

It’s just the five of us–my hubby and our three kids–enjoying each other’s company, knowing that the older they get, the harder it will be for us to make experiences like this happen. Our oldest has taken a job in Silicon Valley after he graduates this May. Our middle child is a junior in college and our youngest will be off to college this fall.

Life is change.

I’ve been observing lately the paradox of how, as humans, we are often very resistant to change and yet change is part of our very existence. Our bodies are changing, our minds are changing and hopefully our hearts and souls are growing and changing.

During this holiday season and beyond, I plan to embrace change with all its discomfort and surprise, knowing that something wonderful waits on the other side. I invite you to do the same.

Wishing you joy!