It’s repeat time – I still haven’t written the last chapter for my new novel. BUT I do have a good excuse (is there such a thing as a good excuse?). My excuse is that I’m not sure which story line will become stronger – the brother story or the girlfriend story – so until I know that, I can’t write the last chapter.

Tomorrow night is the banquet for the Colorado Authors’ League Top Hand Awards in YA fiction. FACT OF LIFE #31 is a finalist so I’ll find out tomorrow if it’s a winner. I’m not holding my breath, though, since the book is up against two other amazing books by Wick Downing and Claudia Mills. So the plan is to go have fun and eat good food.

FACT OF LIFE #31 is also a finalist for the Colorado Book Award for YA Lit (CLICK HERE won for 2005). Again, the book is up against Wick’s book (again! Wick’s in my critique group and is an excellent author and a great guy) and a nonfiction book about writing by Victoria Hanley. That ceremony will be in Aspen this year, when it’s always been in downtown Denver. Should be interesting and I’ll report back here on who wins.