I'm Bored by Michael Ian Black illustrated by Debbie Ridpath OhiLast month in my post Writing Picture Books: The Evolution of a Picture Book, I mentioned the lovely and talented artist & illustrator Debbie Ridpath Ohi. This week’s post is all about Debbie’s generosity in sharing her work and process.

All of you who have been in this for awhile or have attended my classes, know how important it is to let go of the “movie” of your picture book playing in your head so that the illustrator can do his or her job with your text.

In her post How I’m Bored Was Created, Debbie walks through the process of getting the manuscript and how she developed the character and the illustrations that would go with Michael Ian Black’s sparse text. It’s written with her audience in mind, but provides some key insights for those of us who aren’t illustratively inclined.

As a writer, I was drawn (no pun intended, but now…pun intended <g>) to her sketchbook in Part I. How many versions she did of the girl and even the potato, in addition to each scene and how the spareness of the scenes left room for reader/listener imagination so they, of course, weren’t bored–BRILLIANT.

I always knew illustrators did their own “revisions,” but this was so eye-opening–from how many different types of girls she drew, to where characters should be on the page, to complete overhauls of scenes!

And I couldn’t help noticing all of the wonderful bonus stuff she has – activities, videos, and more to engage kids who go along with her on this journey.

Read, experience, enjoy, and revel in this marvelous experience! Go to all four parts – it’s so much fun (and so is Debbie)!

(Can’t wait for Debbie and Michael’s next collaboration – I’M NAKED!)