You’d never know it’s May in Colorado. Brrrr. All this cold weather and rain and snow has been a bummer. And of course both furnaces are out so we are running around with space heaters trying to stay warm. But–at least the sun is out today and it will get up into the 50’s. Hooray!

I’m working on a companion book to BUILD A BURRITO  right now as well as revisions for my young adult novel that will hopefully come out sometime in 2006. Writing is a weird thing. I read part of the manuscript last weekend and just loved it. Three days later I started revisions and I thought it was junk with no depth or substance. Now I’m back to loving it again. What is that all about?

I had a fun school visit yesterday and have another next Monday. I love when kids ask me if the shoes on the cover of CLICK HERE are my shoes. I wish they were!