In honor of NaNoWriMo and word counts, let’s look at a few writing/word count apps. These are some I found intriguing, but have not tried all of them and I’m not necessarily endorsing them.

General Writing

A Novel Idea – If you are comfortable working on your device, you can use this app to jot down ideas, create character sketches, write scenes and even drag and drop to rearrange scenes. Free and paid versions. (iPhone/iPad/iTouch) Note that there is also a collaborative novel-writing app with the same name.

My Writing Spot (My Writing Nook) – Write anywhere with this tool, which includes features such as autosave, dictionary/thesaurus and word count. Paid version. (iPhone/iPad/iTouch/Android)

Word Count Only

WriteChain – A very simple tool that enables you to set a writing goal for each day and try to meet it. The idea is to get you writing every day (don’t break the chain). (iPhone/iPad/iTouch)

WordOne – A way to track your word count goals. WordOneLite lets you track one project (free) and WordOne (paid) lets you track unlimited projects. Enter a target date, target word count, and then track your word count each day.