How Do You Decide How To End A Story/Book?

Making decisions about where to end (or begin for that matter) is very critical. Since my books largely deal with relationships, I usually ask myself which relationship is most important to my main character? Which one is she (or he in the current book I’m writing) most invested in? In CLICK HERE, I originally ended the story with Mark. But then my editor at the publisher house pointed out that I had two endings – one with Jilly and one with Mark. That’s when I asked myself that crucial question: which relationship was the more important one for Erin? It was Jilly and their friendship. So I revised it and ended with their relationship, but also with a sense that Erin has come a long way and has a positive direction she is going.

No matter what type of book you are writing, if you can go back to what or who is important to the character, you will probably start to see some ways you can end your book.

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