This has been my big week for writing/revising my NaNoWriMo noel. My husband is taking sailing lessons so I’ve had since Saturday to work–with a little play thrown in.

The video I’ve included here is my view out the back of the apartment we are renting. Earlier this week I sat out on the dock/deck in the late afternoon after the sun had shifted and read some pages of my manuscript. I went back and forth about bringing it in paper form because it’s 200+ pages heavy. But ultimately I decided to print it out–there’s something about being able to hold it, to shuffle through the pages and spread them out it I need to get a broader view.




It took me three and a half days to got through all of the pages (240+)—finished yesterday. You can see all the markups in the image to the right. I have so many notes—both on the pages and in a separate document. LOTS of work to do in terms adding new scenes, ordering them properly, revising what is already there. I’m sure you’ve been here too.

But so many ideas came to me as I went through the pages—lots of scribbling! Such fun. Next up, entering changes, writing new scenes, and starting to shape this thing.

I’m pretty sure today I will be working on the climax and the end first–I need to solidify where I will end up before I start working on the beginning. I’ve got three different ideas for the ending which is very unusual for me. I hope to choose one for now and go with it. If the others still intrigue me, I’ll ask my group to help out.

Anxious and excited for this next step!