Would you look at that…I actually am adding another post this month! It’s a miracle! Okay, let’s see what else I said I’d do in the March 8 entry. Hm. I have NOT written the last chapter or last scene of my current work-in-progress. Bad girl. Here are my lame excuses: I did presentations and taught classes, all of which needed new stuff in them so I was creating PowerPoint slides and such. I could go on with excuses but that’s just what they are – excuses. I’m not putting the book first and that is WRONG in a big way.

I also just got back from spring break with the fam – went to Florida. Did the un-Disney tour of Sea World and Universal in Orlando, then headed to the beach near West Palm. We had a blast, even though my oldest daughter got a bad cold and was down for one day. She bounced back once we got to the beach and the relaxation was good for her.

That’s my other excuse – I didn’t write on vacation. Well, I actually “wrote” in my head, trying to work out the climax while I was lounging by the pool, etc. So that counts, I think.

All right. So NEXT entry, I must be able to say I’ve written that last scene or chapter. Come on, Denise. You can do it!