So, we’re past the halfway point of 2015—can you believe it? I can’t.

In January I wrote about intentions vs goals and set my intention for the year:

“I intend to immerse myself in the creative process, enjoying each step—even the ones that are challenging—and revel in my growth as a writer and a person.”

I’ve stuck very closely with this so far and it’s been amazing. Letting go of specific outcomes, really immersing myself in my stories—wow. What a fabulous experience. I feel so much freer and less stressed.

Have To vs Want To

For the second half of the year, my intention is to look at things I haven’t done as “yet to be completed.” It’s a simple word shift, but it feels better to me and also shifts the focus from something I have to do to something I (theoretically) want to do. And if it isn’t something that is particularly appealing, I’m trying to find an aspect of it that does appeal.

For example, I’m not too thrilled with that stack of conference and workshop notes next to my desk that I want to type up and file on my computer. But if I imagine what the stack will look like when it’s lower and the feeling of accomplishment I’ll have by doing it and the inspiration I’ll receive by going over those notes, I begin to have the germ of desire to tackle it. If I do one event a week, I can be done in six to eight weeks.

I also spent some time jotting down other ways to express goals and intentions, such as:

  • I’ll have fun writing …my next picture book.
  • I’ll leap for joy as I complete…my young adult novel!
  • I can’t wait to revise that scene tomorrow!
  • I’m looking forward to the inspiration and surprises that I’ll find in my conference notes.

Do you have an intention or two for the second half of 2015? Let’s hear it!