So you’ll think I’m crazy actually writing a blog post when that’s the view I can see from our hotel balcony in Kaua’i. But I’m dedicated. Ha! Actually, I ran out of time to write and schedule all of the posts in advance before I left so this one is practically live.

The picture shows different things – mountains, the ocean, an amazing pool, part of the hotel. Which is great. But for inspiration, it’s too much for me. I don’t know where to look, what to focus on; my eyes bounce from one thing to the next, trying to take it all in.

And then I return to the mountains. Maybe it’s the Colorado girl in me or maybe it’s because they are solid, dark and soothing, but I find myself lingering on them. My eyes trace the outline against the sky–the round parts, the points, the divets and cutouts that make up its spine. Soon my mind has quieted and wandered to my novel, to the next scene I plan to write. Bits of dialogue, then a description, begin to tease their way to the surface. Looking at the mountains had calmed my jumpy thoughts, allowing my brain to work a little on my story.

I like that. And I like being here. So I’m done for now.