I’ve started a second book about Erin and her group from CLICK HERE. I’m trying not to call it a sequel because it will totally stand on its own and you won’t have had to read CLICK HERE to enjoy this one, and also because there will be a big gap in time between CLICK HERE and when this one would be published. But it is about Erin in 8th grade and I love it already. I’m not divulging anything about it–not
even the title–but will post more info when I’m further along. I will say that you can expect to see Erin with her first boyfriend, first “real” kiss, first lots of things! It’s fun to be back in Erin’s life, exploring her family, friends, and blog.

It’s challenging to be writing the sequel but also be adding entries to Erin’s 7th grade blog, filling in some gaps from the first book. I have to keep track of what happened when and readers keep me on my toes if I make a mistake in the online blog, which is good.