I have to be the worst online journaler in the history of online journaling and blogging! My last entry was
months ago–sheesh. I am in complete awe of those who have a life AND keep up with their blogs
because I am incapable of it obviously.

My life has been absolutely insane with our home renovation/addition, trying to work on two books, and
lots of family stuff–including hosting my youngest sister’s wedding at our house next month! Whew. Back
in December I’d received comments from my group on the sequel to CLICK HERE and I thought for sure
I’d have that book revised and to my publisher in January or February. How wrong I was. It’s now June
and I’m still not finished.

Not only is it very difficult to make the time and focus, but my main character, Erin, is going places I never
thought she would and I’m struggling to keep up. Sometimes I feel like I’m close to getting a good draft
finished, and sometimes I feel like I’ll never get there. Which has been the story with every book I’ve
written. That is not very encouraging. But I also know I can’t rush it and I have to let the story unfold
without trying to control it. So we shall see if I can finish by the end of the month, which is my goal.

I did get the second round of revisions for FACT OF LIFE #31 back to my editors and that manuscript is
now into copyediting. Hooray! We will still have some tweaking, I think, but it will be minor so it can be
done during this phase. I will probably see that manuscript again by the end of the month–one more
reason to get the sequel FINISHED.

I was about to promise to write more often here but who am I kidding? It will probably be another five
months before I post again. Maybe by then the house stuff will finally be done (it’s been over a year!) and
I’ll have that part of my life back. I am, indeed, a little cranky.