I’m SO happy to report that I finally finished reading through the first half of my YA and marking it up (see pic)! I have arrows and marks and cross-outs and new stuff written in the margins, but I now have a clear picture of what scenes I need leading up to the midpoint and how I want to pace them.


I’m now in the process of entering the changes on my laptop, which is very exciting.

Weight-RevPagesCompleting that task gave me such an energy and confidence boost. I fine myself longing to get back to it, but had to stop to complete work I’d committed to with deadlines this week.

But soon those commitments will cease and I will be able to finish revising this novel as well as a new picture book. My agent sent comments three weeks ago on the picture book and I still haven’t done anything with it! That’s how I know I’m too busy–when I don’t jump on something my agent and I are working on.  🙂

In the midst of all this, I have been jotting notes about a new novel, while simultaneously thinking about my quasi-fantasy, which has been on my radar for the last several years. I’m really energized!

Operation Re-Balance = Renewed Creativity

As I continue to adjust my commitments and goals, I am feeling a lightness and a sense of renewed creativity. I am making space to be able to  dive into my various projects and I can’t wait!

Progress never felt so good.