UCLA USCSo tomorrow we leave for LA to see our son at USC and experience Trojan Family weekend. Over the summer, Zach and I attended a wonderful session sponsored by the local USC Alumni Association to help both new students and parents know what to expect. There were a few well-placed slams against UCLA (my alma mater) and I laughed along with everyone else, though at one point, I did feel compelled to raise a hand and shout out, “Hold on! Bruin in the house,” which got another round of laughs and the discovery of another Bruin, who had also been holding his tongue. It was nice not to be the only one.

Now I didn’t go to UCLA all four years. I transferred into the film/TV school as a junior. I attended Colorado State University for my freshman and sophomore years and had a great time there. Still, in spite of this split, I have a real affinity for UCLA and the friends I made there.

So how to reconcile my UCLA alma mater with my role as a Trojan parent?

It didn’t take me long to realize that I don’t have to choose one over the other. USC is my son’s school and I can’t help but love it for giving him so many experiences and opportunities that have him excited and engaged. What more can a parent ask for (besides tuition assistance)?

So we’ll go out and take Zach and some friends out to dinner. He’ll show us some of his  computer science projects. We’ll attend the Viterbi School of Engineering reception on Friday and their pre-game picnic on Saturday.We’ll watch USC play against the University of Colorado Buffalos (and probably win – sorry, Buffs).

I know it’ll be fun–and I’m so glad they aren’t playing UCLA.

That might have been a little more difficult to reconcile.