I’ve decided it might be fun to chronicle the experience I’m having writing CH2, aka the unsequel. Yesterday I was so happy because I’d finished a second chapter. Today I was trying to write the third chapter and nothing was coming. I thought to myself, “I feel like I’m marking time until I get to the good stuff. I should be working on the good stuff NOW.” Duh. More often than not during a first draft, the story¬†doesn’t really get started until chapter 3 or beyond and then you know to hack off those first two chapters. I may do that, I may not. They’ve got some good stuff so we shall see.

Anyway, I gave up writing after a few paragraphs. I decided to let it simmer, which was easy to do because I was distracted talking to the producers of this TV show and making sure everyone in my writer’s group was okay with being videotaped.