I had what I believe was my last school visit of the year this past Monday. Every school I’ve gone to has it’s own gifts to give me. I’ve spoken most often to fifth and sixth grade, but the seventh and eighth graders I’ve gotten to meet over the last several weeks have been great. This age is tough because they’re on the precipice of adulthood–they have so much to offer but often think they have to act “too
cool” to care about something like an author visit. But I didn’t really see that in the schools I visited. Thanks to all the students who made me feel welcome in their schools–you are smart, beautiful, and will do great things.

Today I’m supposed to receive my editorial comments on my second book–the YA that is now untitled. I hate writing a book without a title because the title often helps guide me, but I’ve made so many changes to this manuscript that I don’t know what it should be called. So I will wait to see what arises from the text.