Life continues to be filled with ups and downs, joy and sorrow. Last week we had to put our nine and a
half year old chocolate lab to sleep. She had had pretty bad arthritis and then broke her leg on New
Year’s day, which is when we discovered she had bone cancer. Very sad. And I still think about our
godson, Daniel Lunger, every day. I told his mom I hoped he was throwing the ball for Sienna. He always
had a good time with her, as did his brother.

In writing news, FACT OF LIFE #31 is scheduled to be published in Summer 2008. I finally received the
editorial comments after three major snowstorms delayed their arrived. They were wonderful! Both editors totally get what I’m trying to do with the story and provided amazing guidance to help me make it the best book it can be. I’ve already begun brainstorming the revisions and should have them back to Knopf in March.

I know many of my writer pals hate to revise but I LOVE it–it’s my favorite part of the writing process
because (1) I have something to work with (the blank page can be extremely intimidating) and (2) that’s
when a lot of the surprises come, the unexpected turns of phrase or a new scene that nudges its way
from my subconscious and is exactly what the story needed.

Happy 2007!