Yesterday was my hubby’s birthday. True to our lives, we couldn’t do anything special because of sports practices. But we did go grab a bite to eat and I made him an apple cobbler, which he loves, so that was pretty good.

My sister, Rebecca, graduated from Metro State College on Sunday! It was a big deal. She has been working really hard these last few years, sometimes close to giving up because she had so many distractions with work and commuting. But SHE DID IT! We are very proud of her. Yahoo, Bec!

And now to some writing news. A few hours before she needed to get on a plane to Paris last Thursday, my editor called and gave me some comments on my YA ms over the phone. I scribbled hastily, hoping I would be able to read my writing later. These were fairly top level comments–character development and some “setting” stuff. I thought through it all and chatted about it with my agent on Friday, on my way to my critique group meeting. That helped me solidify some of my thoughts. Over the weekend I started making changes directly on the ms, with my Dana word processor next to me, to type in any more global changes I wanted to make or things that needed to happen later and I couldn’t find them in the ms. I’m really excited about what’s coming out and hope to have a good version in shape for her in about a month.

Today I will continue to go through the ms with pen in hand and Dana at my side. Later this week I hope to start the actual revisions on my computer.