The last week or so I’ve been working on revisions for picture books. I revised a manuscript called A MARIGOLD FOR MIGUEL, which had come close in the New Voices contest at Lee & Low Books. I got great feedback from an editor there (who is now my editor at Little, Brown–small world!) and when I stumbled across it during some purging, I knew it was time to work on it again.

Based on feedback from both my online writing group and my in-person group, I did a major overhaul.
The story is now in first person (thanks, Marjorie) and is much shorter and tighter, with the focus on how Benita works through her grief, with the Dia de los Muertos as the backdrop for her growth. I love how it turned out so we shall see if we can find a home for it.

I also revised GRANDMOTHER, GRANDMOTHER, HAVE THE ANGELS COME?, which will be published by Little, Brown at some point. It’s a long process with a picture book. They are looking for just the right illustrator and then the ilustrator has to get the manuscript in his or her queue so…someday it will come out!