Happy New Year!

Once again, almost a month has gone by since I wrote here. Egads. I stink at this. Okay, so where am I with the new book? Well, I’ve pretty much started over, and am almost done writing a new first chapter. I’ve also jotted a few new scenes and have been writing lyrics to some of my character’s songs. That’s been hard but fun. I think I’ll use some stuff from the existing draft but there will be a lot of new material too.

I’m not moving as quickly as I’d like, mainly because I’m still unsure of where I’m going. I think I need to write the last chapter again or at least the last scene so I know what I’m working toward.

In our critique group I led a “release” thingie, using this cool paper called “flash paper.” It flares up really bright, then disappears without a trace of smoke or ash. So we all wrote things that were holding us back from really achieving our writing goals, said them aloud, and then send them off in a burst of flame. It felt good but I know it will still be a struggle to let go of my doubts and old habits of checking email and surfing the Net instead of writing.

My 2009 Resolution: To write in this blab at least once a month. There. I’ve made it public. Let’s see if I can do it now.