Yesterday’s prompt: When he saw his father coming toward him, he…

Here’s my take:

When he saw his father coming toward him, he ran toward him, arms open, jacket flapping behind him like an awkward bird trying to take flight. He couldn’t believe he was seeing him after all this time, couldn’t believe he was there, right there in front of him. Couldn’t believe he was real.

But when James got closer, he saw that it wasn’t his father at all. Just someone who looked like him, right up to the tan coat with the stain on the left shoulder. But the set of his jaw, the determination in his eye made one word shoot through his mind:


My first instinct was to have the guy turn on his heel and run immediately. I resisted it and wrote the opposite. It’s a reunion, a happy time. Except then it wasn’t. Suddenly I was writing a “But.” I didn’t expect that and went with it. So now there’s an imposter, someone who appears to have it in for James. Wow. This is interesting!