Yesterday’s prompt: If only she hadn’t…

Here’s my take:

If only she hadn’t said yes to Connor. She’d thought no one else would ask her to the dance, especially Jake, the one guy she’d been crushing on all year. But then he had asked her, right before Bio, looking all cute and almost shy, dropping his eyes halfway through. She thought she’d die right there.

“Oh. Wow. I–” She couldn’t even finish her sentence because she wanted to say, “Yes! Of course! What took you so long?” but couldn’t because last week she’d said, “Well, I guess so,” to Connor. So she stood there, tongue-tied and frustrated, no doubt looking like a crazy person.


This wasn’t one of my better efforts. It’s okay, but I’m not totally engaged in the scene or the character like I’ve been with other prompts. Hmm…

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