Yesterday’s prompt was to have our character write a short poem. Here’s mine, from Dominic’s POV. It’s funny, but my first instinct was to write from my main character’s POV. But again, that was too easy because I know her so well. The scenes with Emma that I wrote the last two weeks were surprising and intriguing so I decided to write the poem from a guy’s perspective. Dominic is Sheridan’s love interest (though where I am in the book right now, she doesn’t know it yet).

One day here
the next


It sucks. It sucks.
It sucksitsucksitsucksitsucks
I want to hit something
but I don’t know what
or who
and you’re still
so what’s the point?

My first attempt at this was terrible. Actually, the poem was pretty good, but it was SO not Dominic. He’s angry, he’s hurt, he feels abandoned and my first attempt was too soft and  introspective. This is better, though I feel it’s not quite there. Something to work on.