confrontationYesterday we wrote a follow-up scene that was either the character being approached or confronted by someone after the meeting/assembly is over. We want to know what happens.

Here’s my scene:

Emma’s friends surrounded her in the hallway, as if she’d just giving an inaugural address, not said a few words to the student body about stuff we already knew.

“You were amazing.” Bethany grabbed her arm, but Emma pulled away.

“It’s not about me,” she said. “It’s about Joe and making sure no one else has to go through this hell.” She turned and pushed through the crowd, leaving her friends staring after her.

So, Emma’s not suffering fools in this scene. I’m glad. But she still needs to deal with her grief. Her friends are trying to be supportive in the only way they know how, but she’ll find that isn’t enough. She will need people in her life that really know her, like Sheridan, my main character.

This has been really helpful. I’m so glad I did this exercise!