I’m wiped out! I spent the weekend in Colorado Springs at the Pikes Peak Writers Conference. I gave two presentations. One was called “Trends in Middle Grade and Young Adult Fiction” and the other was “Journey of a First (Published) Novel.” I also sat on a panel of new authors on Sunday morning which was really fun. It was with Giles Carwyn and Todd Fahnestock, who wrote a fantasy novel called HEIR OF¬†AUTUMN for adults and have a contract for two more. These guys ROCK.

Both of the presentations went well, though my Journey presentation only had five people in attendance. I actually was expecting NO ONE because my presentation was opposite a really great workshop by a really great agent from New York. The people who came to the talk were wonderful and asked great questions. I’m hoping to go back and do a workshop for the Pikes Peak Writers on the same topic. That
would be fun.

I’m looking forward to starting revisions on my new book. I had experimented with form with this novel and it just isn’t flying with my editor. Once I started to re-read it, I had to agree. I’m lucky to have such a good editor but I wonder if she gets tired of being right so much of time time :-).