Today is my birthday and I wanted to share two posts I wrote for the Wild Writers blog, which is my fabulous critique group. The first was written last year when I turned 50 and spent some time looking back over my writing career. To see the full post, click here.

The post yesterday was about looking ahead, but mostly trying to live–and write and see my career–in the moment. Not that I don’t and won’t plan, but that I try to revel in today and what it has to offer and what I can do in it. To read the full post, click here.

If you’re wondering what I plan to do today, to celebrate, I’ll be doing things I love: meditating, writing, preparing for my class tomorrow, and picking up our daughter from the airport after her first quarter at Northwestern University. And then maybe going out somewhere yummy for dinner. 🙂

Enjoy today and find it’s fun and beauty!