We’re in Los Angeles today to visit our son and experience Trojan Family Weekend.

MUSIC – The Billboard Mexican Music Awards

As we made our way to USC in the afternoon, some streets were blocked off because the Billboard Mexican Music Awards were going on at the Shrine Auditorium. I was intrigued and thrilled to know that there was a whole awards event for Mexican music. I checked out the music of some of the winners and really liked it. Lots of multiple wins by the same artists like Jenni Rivera, Gerardo Ortiz, and 3BallMTY, a group whose music is very cool.

Argo the movieMOVIE – ARGO

While we waited for Zach to finish with his commitments, we decided to go see Argo and LOVED it. It was fantastic, with wonderful touches of humor during a seriously intense and tense ride. Kudos to actor/director Ben Affleck and also to the editor, William Goldenberg–the tight, quick cuts between scenes towards the end had me perched on the edge of my seat, even though I knew the outcome.

In addition to the perfectly-paced and atmospheric soundtrack by composer Alexandre Desplat, the well-chosen songs of that time period took me back to high school, where I was at the time of the events portrayed in the movie.

Two thumbs WAY up!