Happy New Year! Prospero Año. We spent a lovely, quiet time at home for New Year’s Eve, watched the ball drop in Times Square, then watched the Twilight Zone marathon. Doesn’t get much better than that.

I’m looking forward to a rockin’ new year with lots of writing and fun, along with a major home renovation project. I will be doing some traveling this year to speak at events–one in Michigan in April and another near Pittsburgh in May and I’m really looking forward to both of them. CLICK HERE is still hanging in there and I’m getting a lot of reader mail, which is a good thing since my young adult novel is now in publishing limbo and I don’t know when I’ll finish Book #3 and get it out.

I do look forward to seeing some progress on my picture book and the toddler books that are due out next year (fingers crossed) from Scholastic.

I’m a true believer in all things happening for a reason; that something that initially appears “bad” is really only a step toward something wonderful and unexpected. “If that didn’t happen, then this would never have happened” is something I’ve said more than once. I don’t know where my young adult novel will end up but I do know it will end up somewhere and I look forward to sharing that story with many readers.