If you’ve been following my blog for awhile, you know that in my critique group, the Wild Writers, we do resolution/goal/intention setting every year in January. We have a nice ritual of releasing writing-related thoughts, activities etc that no longer serve us, and then we do a check in, reviewing the previous year’s goals and talking about our plans for the current year.

Inevitably, I have to remind people that things change and to remember the things they accomplished that weren’t on their list.

Half Year, Half Done?

Not quite. But I had a truly remarkable experience when I checked my goals.

First, I got a big grin on my face. And then I said to myself: “Look where I was in January. How interesting!” Of the four goals I’d set, one I am no longer interested in pursuing this year and the novel I was hoping to begin planning will be swapped out for a new book idea that is insisting it be written first.

So, rather than feeling bad that I’m not halfway to my goals, I am pleased to acknowledge:

  • the progress I’ve made as a writer–I can see it in my work
  • how I continue to gain clarity around what I want for my life and career
  • how I’m honing in on where I want to spend my precious time
  • how excited I am about the new book idea AND the one that had to hop in the backseat (but will get shotgun soon enough)

Just the fact that my first reaction was amusement is a HUGE win for me. Last year I was trying to be positive, but feeling disappointed in myself. This year: No hidden disappointment, just relief in letting go of goals that don’t feel right and satisfaction in my progress in other areas.

Are you a goal setter? If so, do you ever check periodically to see how things are going or if you’ve changed direction?