Every since I talked about gratitude in a post last month, I’ve been trying to add gratitude to my daily routine, usually at night, noting things that happened, people I met, or things I encountered for which I am grateful.

I am also trying to start each day with an “attitude of gratitude.” That has had an amazing effect on my days! If I’m actively looking for things to be grateful for, I find myself happier and also doing things that make me feel good

I’m just going to list things that I’m grateful for right now, writing-related or not, with no explanation or judgment.

  • Green (like the picture I took a left. I’m sitting in my backyard as I write this, marveling at the green everywhere). Plants, leaves, grass…
  • Blue sky
  • Slight breeze
  • Breathing
  • A beautiful home
  • An amazing circle of family and friends
  • A chance to be a part of creating a wonderful experience for writers and illustrators this weekend at the Letters & Lines conference
  • Great book ideas
  • This moment
  • Life

You’ll see this on the last Wednesday of every month until I’m moved to try something else. Share what you’re grateful for!