Deep in thoughtOne of the writers in my check in group commented on not making her goals last week and said she spend a good chunk of time thinking about her story and asked, tongue-in-cheek: “Doesn’t that count?”

But we all know it does. In our productive, results-oriented society, the process of doing something often gets lost or isn’t valued because there’s no tangible evidence that it actually happened. But thinking through a scene, brainstorming a plot, having our character explore different emotions–all without putting pen to paper or fingers to keyboard–is a valuable and necessary part of the process.

Some of my best writing is done when I’m walking or running or yes–even lounging by the pool. I’m relaxed, outside, and the thoughts begin to come. I’ve worked out many a problem in my story on a walk and then, because I have a brain like a sieve, I write down the best stuff or, if I’m not near a notebook or computer, I repeat it over and over so I don’t forget it before I can actually write it down (sigh).

Thinking, planning, brainstorming are all valuable parts of the writing process and when you spend an hour stretched out on the couch or walking the neighborhood working out a particular part of your story, celebrate that progress you’ve made. It absolutely counts!