So back in January I set up my 2013 Writing Goals and for the first time ever, tried to set goals that I could actually meet. I’ve actually completed goals 1 and 2 and am focused on #3, where I am trying an experiment. I’m using Blake Snyder’s Save the Cat Beat Sheet to structure my YA Novel and had set sub-goals for meeting each beat.

My original plan was to report back in June when I was planning to be finished, but I’ve really hit my stride, even though I’m slightly behind on the sub-goals, and just wanted to bask in that.

I’m big on basking because writing is such a solitary pursuit and it’s easy to get discouraged with waiting and rejections, etc. So, I wanted to see where I was now, not in June.

So, by the end of March, I’m supposed to have completed Beat #11, which is the “All is Lost beat.” I know exactly what that scene is, but I’m still in Beats 8, 9, and 10. The thing I’ve discovered about applying these beats to a novel is that some beats definitely are more involved than others. I didn’t really think about that when I divvied up the beats by month, but I’m finding that to be the case and feel like once I get through Beats 8-10, the rest will go a lot more quickly.

I wrote like a madwoman this week, but also had to divide my time between the novel and prepping for the South Dakota SCBWI conference in mid-April. Lots of work to do for that!

If you created writing goals or resolutions for yourself and you haven’t looked at them for awhile – do it! See where you are and make adjustments as necessary. And let me know how it’s going!